A Buyer’s Guide To Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you’re looking at investing in luxury vinyl tiles, then you may be concerned with the sheer range of designs and customization options. At Rickwoods Flooring, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the perfect floor style. As a result, we’ve put together the ultimate buyer’s guide to choosing the right tile for your home.

What Are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Luxury vinyl tiles are made from layers of PVC. They’re extremely waterproof and hardwearing, which makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, What’s more, they’re also extremely versatile. This means that no matter the aesthetic of your property, there’s an LVT tile out there to match the room.

LVT is particularly popular due to its emulation of high-end floor finishes such as hardwood timber and marble. As a result, you can opt for a waterproof, affordable choice while still enjoying the decorative elements of more expensive materials.

Which Style To Choose?

The best style for your property comes down to a variety of different influencing factors. These include:

  • Budget
  • Room
  • Aesthetic

Your budget will heavily affect the style and quality of the luxury vinyl tile you choose. Not only this, but the room will play a big part too. LVT is ideal for utility rooms that can experience above-average moisture but maybe aren’t ideal for a social room such as the living room.

Here is where carpets and warmer flooring styles may be more appropriate. Additionally, you’ll want to pick a tile that compliments the style of your room. If you have a cosy, rustic bedroom, then LVT tiles may not be right here.

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Can I Install Luxury Vinyl Tiles Myself?

Luxury vinyl tiles can be fairly straightforward to install for a trained professional. Some products come with a floating floor option that slots together and interlinks, whereas others require glueing down.

If you’re good with your hands, and feel up to the task, then you may be able to lay the floor yourself with some help from friends and the internet. However, we recommend hiring an experienced contractor to do it for you. They’ll make sure everything is installed correctly with no issues.

Contact Rickwoods For Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you’re looking for luxury vinyl tiles, then look no further than Rickwoods. We stock the Amtico brand, which is known for its durability and range of styles. Our products are top-of-the-line and affordable to ensure you acquire the perfect flooring for your home. To browse our products, visit us only or give us a call today.

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