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If only this question was an easy one to answer. There are many choices of pile, colour and patterns, but more importantly it all depends on the feel and look for your chosen room. View our range online or contact our expert team to find the perfect match.

Wool is incredibly resilient to stains, soiling, and flammability. Long-lasting, simple to maintain, and offers wintertime natural insulation. Many of our wool carpets feature a blend of man-made fibres that increase their strength and durability.
Polypropylene: These carpets are fantastically stain resistant and are perfect for busy homes. They can be cleaned with a dilute bleach solution. a resilient synthetic carpet fibre that doesn’t fade and, most importantly, is inexpensive.
The hardest-wearing and longest-lasting synthetic fibre is nylon/polyamide, which is typically used for strong colours.

No need to worry. Some of our products require further information such as size and any extras required. Just contact our expert team for a full quote today.

Yes we do. Contact our team for more information. We pride ourselves on not only supplying the ideal flooring option but getting that perfect fit too.

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